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New sources on flora and vegetation, lichens, fungi, insects, spiders and molluscs were added to the Library
Maps of the distribution of chalk steppe in Ukraine were added to Chalk Steppe page.
New sources were added to the Library at new page on European chalk grasslands.
A note about Ukrainian chalk steppe and its conservation was published recently in international online magazine Plant Talk that supports plant conservation worldwide.
You can find this story at http://www.plant-talk.org/Ukraine.htm
Several advance copies of Red Book of Kharkiv region (animals) were printed recently. The book was compiled in 2012-2013 years at instigation and under the general guidance of Prof., Dr. Victor A. Tokarsky. The editors are G.A. Shandikov and T.A. Atemasova. The total number of species listed in the book is 386. Some of them live in chalk steppe. You may look over a number of species accounts in ‘Library’ section of our website.
A special issue of the Journal of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (series ‘Biology’, No. 1097, Iss. 19) dedicated to the 5th anniversary of Dvorichanskyi national nature park was printed recently. It includes papers on the history of creation of the park, on geology and landscapes on its territory, on habitat types in gully steppe, on species composition of certain ecological and systematic groups e.g. zooplankton, crustaceans, spiders, jewel beetles, butterflies, dragonflies, fishes, amphibians and reptiles, birds, and mammals. Printing the issue was supported through the Conservation Leadership Programme under the project ‘CHAGRA'2010: enhancing conservation profile of chalk grasslands in Ukraine’. The issue may be viewed at the website of the Journal (http://seriesbiology.univer.kharkov.ua/vol_1097.html) and in ‘Library’ section of our website.
A book 'Through the pages of Red Data Book. Plants in Kramatorsk city' (authors: V.M. Ostapko, S.A. Prikhod'ko, V.A. Zelenskaya) is just published (in Russian). 52 rare plant species which grow within a territory of Kramatorsk city council (Donetsk region, Ukraine) are described. The majority are plants of chalk outcrops and chalk steppe. The book is well illustrated. It presents detailed information on the distribution of certain species in Donetsk region and within Kramatorsk city territory as well as on the main factors of threat for these species.